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What is Cashback Back Bonus?

The amount of bonus you get depends on the amount of lots you have traded.

This is applicable only on LeoPrime’s Live Classic Trading account.

This bonus cannot be claimed by the clients registered under affiliates/introducing broker and the clients who have claimed any other ongoing bonuses from LeoPrime.

This bonus is withdrawable and can be used for trading purposes also (as additional source of margin).

The cashback bonus is credited to your trading account balance only for closed positions within 30 minutes after you close them.

Lot Back Bonus is credited in account currency i.e. in USD only.

The amount of bonus you get depends on what currency pair you are trading and lot size.

leoprime cashback
leoprime cashback

Bonus Group

Bonus Group Amount of Bonus for 1 lot Currency Pairs

Calculation formula:

Lots x Amount of bonus for 1 lot

** Bonus is credited only for integers (whole numbers), i.e. 1 lot, 2 lots, 3 lots, 4 lots, 5 lots etc.

Please see the examples below.

A client closed 1 lot EURUSD.

As EURUSD belongs to Group 1, they will get 1 lot x 2 USD = 2 USD.

A client closed 0.6 lot EURUSD.

As 0.6 lot is not an integer, client won't get any bonus after they close this position.

A client closed 1.2 lot EURUSD

As 1.2 lot is not an integer, client will only receive bonus for 1 lot, and the rest 0.2 lots will be put in a "storage" waiting for other lots to be combines with and become eligible to get bonus.

So in this case client will get 1 lot x 2 USD = 2 USD.

A client closed 0.5 lot EURUSD and 0.5 lot USDJPY at the same time

As both EURUSD and USDJPY belong to Group 1, they are combined, which makes total amount of lots traded equal to 0.5 lot + 0.5 lot = 1 lot.

So, a client will get 1 lot x 2 USD = 2 USD.

A client first closed 0.5 lot EURUSD, and then closed 0.5 lot USDJPY

After 0.5 lot EURUSD is closed, a client won't receive any bonus, as 0.5 lot is not an integer.

However, after 0.5 lot USDJPY is closed, and as both EURUSD and USDJPY belong to the same group, they will be combined, so that client will get 1 lot x 2 USD = 2 USD.

A client closed 0.5 lot EURUSD and 0.5 lot AUDCAD (one after one or simultaneously).

As EURUSD and AUDCAD belong to different groups, client won't get any bonus after these positions are closed, regardless of whether they are closed one after one or simultaneously.

What happens to these traded lots then? They will be put in a "storage" waiting for lots traded with symbols belonging to the same group to be eligible to get bonus.

Let's say a client then closes 0.6 lot EURUSD. What they have in their trading history is:

Closed 0.5 lot EURUSD (Group 1)

Closed 0.5 lot AUDCAD (Group 2)

Closed 0.6 lot EURUSD (Group 1)

So, 0.5 lot EURSD and 0.6 lot EURUSD can be combined: 0.5 + 0.6 = 1.1 lot

As 1.1 is not an integer, 1 lot will be eligible to get bonus, and the rest 0.1 lot will be put in the "storage". So, for 1.1 lot EURUSD that client will get 1 lot x 2 USD = 2 USD.

The "storage" now has 0.1 lot EURUSD and 0.5 lot AUDUSD waiting for other lots to be combined with and become eligible to get bonus.

How to Start?


Open a Live- Classic account with LeoPrime. Now access your Personal Area.


From your Personal Area, in the "My Profile" tab, open the "Edit Profile" section and fill all the required fields.


Then Click on “Upload Document” section, upload a document showing your proof of address, and a second document that confirms your identity


Now earn withdrawable cashback for each trade you make


Please contact your account manager or access our live chat support for any queries related to this promotion.


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