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Margin and Leverage Rules

Margin is the total amount of money required as a “good faith deposit” in order to create a place for your trade. It depends on the account type you hold, trading instrument’s liquidity and volatility, and it is updated periodically for price oscillations. The Financial instrument which allows you to take a position that is worth more in the market than an initial outlay is a leveraged product. Different leveraged products work in different ways, but all amplify the potential profit and loss for a trader. Leveraged products will mostly require you to pay a margin.


Maximum leverage


Maximum Equity


Margin Requirements

Maximum Leverage

Maximum forex leverage Equity
Cent (in Cents) Classic (in USD) Pro (in USD) ECN (in USD)
1:1000 upto 25000 1 to 500 - -
1:500 25001 to 50000 501 to 10000 Upto 10000-
1:400 50001 to 100000 10001 to 20000 10001 to 30000 -
1:300 100001 to 150000 20001 to 30000 30001 to 50000 -
1:200 150001 to 200000 30001 to 50000 50001 to 100000 Upto 30000
1:100 above 200000 >50000 > 100000 >30000

Margin Rules

Margin requirements can be different according to the currency pairs and shall be subjected to change depending on the economic conditions. Margin requirements are calculated based on a maximum leverage of 1:100. A complete list of margin requirements by currency pair can be viewed here.

Leverage Rules

Leverage is a byproduct of margin and allows an individual to control larger trade sizes. Traders will use this tool as a way to magnify their returns. It’s imperative to stress that losses are also magnified when leverage is used. Therefore, it is important to understand that leverage needs to be controlled.

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